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​​I'm a daughter of a print producer so I have to admit that print holds a nostalgic piece of my heart.  I love flipping thru a magazine or walking into a store and seeing an ad that I produced.  I'm also a little obsessed (or a lot) with looking at photographer portfolios.  
I'm fascinated how fast digital production has grown over the past decade.  It's pretty much a mandatory deliverable on every creative brief.  Trying to solve digital production solutions for those "scrappy" budgets and "pants on fire" timelines have kind of become my thang.
I've been so lucky to work with so many talented producers, creative directors, editors, artists and directors over the years because it takes a village of people with a wealth of knowledge to get thru a motion production.  I've also found that yummy snacks at craft services also help aid in the success of any production.
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